Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sort, Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

When I saw my friend's aerial shots of landfill all over the Philippines, I was taken aback, it was worse than what I see in news.
Though there is a world wide campaign for recycling, I seldom see it implemented at every household.

Let us change the way we think starting at our own home. 

It is only recently that the local ordinance mandates every household to segregate biodegradable (nabubulok) and non-biodegradable (di-nabubulok) trash. 

we introduced sorting when she was 2 yrs old

Label your trash.
Anotherway is to put pictures or symbols, make sure it is understood by all in the household.

daughter sticking labels

Teach and Make it a sorting Game 
I urge each parent to start teaching their kids. It will become second nature to them.

Color code helps for immediate recognition and non-readers

photo taken from Houzz

Donate or sell boxes, papers and PET bottles
Salvage re-usable items or use it creatively

Use ecobags, let's bring back the bayong fashion in the market :)
going to the market with a bayong is common in the 80s

Happy sorting everyone! Think green.

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